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FSE - Fabric in Bins - iStock-119430019
FSE - Swatches - E. Tennenhaus

Thousands of Yards of Fabric Sold Each Week!

Fabric Stock Exchange / făb’rĭkstŏkĭkschānj/ n.-

1. A fabric brokering service for apparel manufacturers, fashion designers, fabric mills, textile converters, importers, fabric jobbers and retail fabric stores. 2. A meeting place for the global textile and apparel industry to find and purchase the fabric they need. 3. The best place to find the largest variety of silks, cottons, linens, wools, polyesters, rayons and blended wholesale fabrics.  4.  A company that can sell your excess fabric and garment inventories for more money.  5. A company that sells better fashion fabrics at below wholesale prices

Companies We Work With
  • Fashion Designers

  • Apparel Manufacturers

  • Mills

  • Converters

  • Importers

  • Factories

  • Fabric Stores

  • Jobbers

  • Sales Agents

  • Sales Reps

  • Warehouses 

  • Liquidation Specialists

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