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Fabrics 101 - An easy to understand explanation of the various types of fibers and the processes involved in manufacturing fiber into cloth.

Fiber Dictionary - A dictionary of definitions for over 50 different fibers. Here you will find the definitions of natural, synthetic and man-made fibers. A great resource for anyone selling or buying any type of fabric or textile.

Common Fabric Types - A dictionary of definitions for over 250 different fabric types. Fabric Types have often been mistaken for fabric content. For example, gabardine is a type of weave, and does not denote fabric content. Gabardine can be woven from cotton, polyester, wool, or even blends of fibers. Each different fiber content contributes to the hand and drape of the gabardine.

Textile Abbreviations - When purchasing fabric overseas, many times the use of abbreviations is common. This page helps fashion designers and apparel manufacturers understand and identify the fabrics they are purchasing. This resource lists over 45 common abbreviations used by fabric mills and converters worldwide.

Fabric Identification - This resource will teach you how to identify various fibers by doing a simple burn test of the fabric in question.

Textile Labeling - This guide provides information on textile care symbols and their meanings. Information is provided for common home laundering symbols as well as dry cleaning symbols. This is an invaluable resource for fashion designers, manufacturers and consumers as well.

Color Names - A listing of over 450 different names for colors. This invaluable resource can be used by designers and manufacturers to name the colors in their clothing, home fabric or accessory lines.

Company Types - New to the Industry? This page describes and defines the various types of companies and the roles they play in the buying/selling of fabrics. A great resource for fashion designers, small manufacturers and retailers.

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